David Greenup, CEO

David Greenup, GDI’s CEO, has in excess of 10 years experience in the design and detailing of all types of tension membrane structures. After completing an Associate Diploma of Applied Science (Architectural Technology) David went on to complete a Bachelor of Engineering with First Class Honours.

Beginning his career at Wade Consulting Group in 1999 David mastered the art of modelling complex three dimensional fabric shapes in MCM/MCAP (MCM/MCAP would later mature into NDN which GDI utilizes today).  Moving from Wade Consulting Group’s Brisbane office David joined Alliance Design Group on the Gold Coast in 2005 where he ran a small tension membrane division within the company before forming GDI in 2010 so that he could focus solely on tension membrane design.  David’s reputation as a tension membrane engineer spans the globe having completed projects in Australia, South East Asia, America, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and India.


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